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Legal company "Business Advocate" provides legal support for Business.

We will protect your business during inspections and regulatory authorities in the course of police investigation. Also, provide services to appeal against decisions of tax authorities and administrative courts.

Lawyers provide protection in criminal proceedings in cases relating to the conduct of business.

Our employees carry out effective representation of entities in courts in disputes on debt collection followed by accompanying the decision of the court, provide effective support of bankruptcy cases.

Specialists LC "Business Advocate" quickly and efficiently conduct the registration of the new company, will carry out all necessary actions connected with the registration of changes in the location of your business, Codes of Economic Classification, participants or manager of a business partnership, will provide legal assistance in the liquidation of the legal entity.

The purpose of our business: Customer exemption from having separate solving problems that arise due to officials, law enforcement and unscrupulous contractors.

With us, your business safe.


Team LC "Business Advocate"

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